First Year Experience
Syllabus Assignments

This is a themed section of BAC 101/102. We will be learning to, question, research, think critically, and respond creatively to a "big question" you develop, utilizing time management and project management skills and applications. You may develop your question about electronic culture and/or you could utilize electronic media to investigate your big question on this or another theme.

The fundamental goal of BAC 101 is to help you make your college experience more meaningful and successful, as well as to integrate you into the UT community. To accomplish this, the following learning and course objectives will be met:

  1. College Transition: You should be able to describe the culture of college, including knowing the difference between high school and college standards, identify and use higher education resources, identify higher education skills that transfer to the workplace, and explain factors that affect degree completion.
  2. Time Management: You should be able to identify effective time management strategies, explain the advantages and disadvantages of various time management tools, apply your understanding of time management planning tools to situations and understand the importance of prioritizing activities.
  3. Creating an Academic Plan: You should be able to describe planning and its value, understand the goals of the “Baccalaureate Experience” at UT, gather information to build an academic plan, map courses for your academic plan on a term-by-term timeline, including how to adjust an academic plan, and be able to resolve academic planning issues.
  4. Critical Thinking: You should be able to describe critical thinking, identify and develop skills of critical thinking, develop the ability to consider information from different viewpoints, set goals to improve your critical thinking skills, and evaluate information using critical thinking skills, including the ability to analyze assumptions and bias information. This objective continues through BAC 102.

Supplemental Materials

Productivity: Kick it Up to College Level

Difference Between High School & College
How to Read Critically and Interact With Texts
"The Myth of Multitasking"
How to Connect Google Calendar to Evernote
How to Connect Google Calendar to Wunderlist
Time Management Tips

Juliet's Grammar & Style Handouts

Juliet's Proofreading Marks (.pdf)
Grammar Tips (.pdf)
Style Tips (.pdf)
Visual Analysis Language Tips (.pdf | videos)
Slickwrite.com is free software that marks your writing style.

Juliet's Writing Help: Process and Content Development 

Writintg Help (PPT | videos
Grading Rubric (video)

Using Outside Resources

Using Outside Resources on My Assignments (videos
How to Cite Outside Resources: 
- OWL Lab: Purdue Online Writing Lab
- The University of Tampa's Library 
Automatic Bibliographies: www.easybib.com

Common Grammar Errors: Tutorials

Full Menu (Educational Portal)
Fragments, Comma Splices, Run-ons (video | text
Pronoun Reference (YouTube)
Pronoun Agreement (YouTube)
Semicolon (video | text | YouTube)
Parallelism (YouTube
Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers (video | text)
Commas (video | text)

Digitial Apps, Authorship, Culture

"Apps to Live By"

The main apps you need are as follows (make anything you ever choose is cross-platform:
+ a top email app: Gmail or Outlook
(of these two top platforms, Gmail takes a slight edge)
+ Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar
+ a sophisticated project planner such as Evernote or Wunderlist.
+ a cloud server (Dropbox is still the the king; iCloud is not a contender); see reviews of all the top cloud servers here.
+ Also, see my "Main Links to Stuff You Need" (mostly free)

Copyright, Copyleft, First Amendment & Use of Media

Copyright, Copyleft, First Amendment & Use of Media
Copyright.gov and Creative Commons (Copyleft)
Trademark Basics, Trademark Definitions, Patent 

Media Creativity

Film Concepts
Camera Termonology
Sketching Ideas
Visual Elements and Principles Flash | PPT
Media & Techniques (for 2D creative experiment)
Glossary of Design

A Media Career

See links to my Career Development Resources