COM 302 Digital Arts
for Professional Communication

Syllabus for Fall/Spring Semester |
Syllabus | Assignments
Syllabus for Hybrid Summer Course | Syllabus | Assignments

Course Description

This course teaches strategic use of digital tools for communication, including development of corporate identification, layout of print collateral, and creation of print and web graphics. 


Upon completion of this course, students should be able to:
• utilize programs in the Adobe Creative Suite appropriately for strategic marketing purposes;
• develop branding and corporate identification materials;
• produce print collateral that meets professional criteria;
• effectively incorporate copy, typography and layout principles.
• produce effective images for print and Web communication;
• appropriately optimize images for web;
• produce a simple website for strategic purposes.

Software Tutorials

Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorials
Lynda.com (free membership through Hillsborough Library)
Basic Graphic Design Terms


Quick Set-up and Go
InDesign: Document Setup | Video (6:50)
InDesign: Working With Type | Video (9:57)
InDesign: Working With Images | Video (14:17)

10 Beginner Skills More In-depth
InDesign Tutorial Sheet  
Corresponding Video for InDesign (see topics below)

1) Create a New Document (01:28)
About Bleeds and Slugs
2) Place Images 3 Different Ways (06:44)+
3) View/Manipulate an Image (11:02)
4) Create Text (18:26)
5) Type Formatting (19:07)
6) Working with Color (25:37)
7) Creating Style Sheets (27:09)
8) Text Wraps (29:12)
9) Master Pages, Page Numbers, Lines, Etc. (34:05)
10) Output (40:10)


Layers & Layer Masks (Quick Set-up-and-Go)
Video: Quick Select and Layer Masks 
Video: Layers and Layer Masks (basic)

10 Beginner Skills More In-depth
Photoshop Tutorial Sheet  
Corresponding Video for Photoshop (see topics below)

Intro: Using Bridge, Setting Up Images, Using Wacom Tablets
1) Zoom, Move, Retouch Photos (05:11)
+ Zoom and Move
+ Spot Healing Tool for Removing Blemishes (06:25)
+ Liquify Filter (8:8)
+ Additional Retouch Tips (from Juliet)
+ Open Mini Bridge (8:40)
2) Layers, Brush Tool, Eraser Tool (9:22)
3) Adjustment Layers & Masks (11:45)
+ Adjustment Layer
+ Adjustment Layer Mask
+ Inverse Mask (13:20)
+ How to Turn a Photo B&W with Color in Spots (15:03)
+ How to Give a Romantic or Hip Retro Hand-colored photo effect + (Juliet’s Addition)
4) Crop a Photo (16:05)
5) Exposure & Color Cast (8:31)
6) Remove an Object from the Composition (12:45)
+ the “Content Aware” Filter
7) Quick Select & Remove/Move an Object (25:24)
8) Duplicate & Edit an Object (28:45)
9) Putting a New Background Behind Someone or Something (30:00)
10) Output

For Total Newbies
Photoshop Basics | Videos
Photoshop Tools | DOC
Photoshop Quick Steps | DOC


 How to Use the Pen Tool  
10 Skills You Need to Know
 Creating a Custom Typographic Logo
download5  PPT: My Adobe Illustrator Type Tutorial

Go to YouTube and insert key words "wordpress tutorial for beginners." There are 26 videos in that series, which range from beginner to more advanced.

Web Design
Web Design | PPT | Video
Domains and Hosting | PPT | Video |DOC
Usability | PPT | Video
Usable Content | PPT | Video

Class Lessons / PPTs

Tools: Graphics Software | PPT | Video
Creative Process | PPT
Sketches | PPT
OPTIONAL: Your Portfolios | PPT
OPTIONAL: Elements and Principles of Design Flash | PPT

Page Layout
Page Layout Elements & Principles (C.A.R.P.) | PPT
Creative Layout Ideas | PPT
Choosing Images | PPT
InDesign: Document Setup | Video (6:50)
InDesign: Working With Type | Video (9:57)
InDesign: Working With Images | Video (14:17)
Color Models | PPT
Adobe Kuler - Colors
Color Scheme Designer
OPTIONAL: Intro to Color Theory | Video
OPTIONAL: Intro to Printing: CMYK | Video

Typography Basics

Typography | PPT | Video
Type and Layout | PPT

Logo Design
Logo Design | PPT | Video
Adobe Illustrator Type Tutorial | PPT
 How to Use the Pen Tool  
 Creating a Custom Typographic Logo
Adobe Illustrator: 10 Skills You Need to Know
Thumbnail Sketches Speed Video

Laying Out Multiple-page Documents
(Reports / Newsletters / Creative Briefs / Proposals)

Type and Layout | PPT
InDesign Tutorial (#9 and #10) PDF
Corresponding Video (see sections below)
- for Master Pages, Page Numbers, Lines, Etc. (34:05)
- for Output (40:10)

Writing, Grammar, Style
Millennial Speak (.pdf)
Grammar Tips (.pdf | videos)
Style Tips (.pdf|videos) "Words to Avoid"

Juliet's Proofreading Marks (.pdf | video)
Visual Analysis Language Tips (.pdf | videos)
Citing Outside Resources:
OWL Lab: Purdue Online Writing Lab
The University of Tampa's Library
Automatic Bibliographies: www.bibme.com  or www.easybib.com

Photoshop & Conceptual Elaboration
Conceptual Elaboration | PPT
Video: Layers and Layer Masks (basics--hokey but clear)
Video: Quick Select and Mask, Photoshop CC
Tutorial: Layer Mask | PDF

Copyright, Copyleft, Use of Media
PowerPoint / Lesson: PPT
Additional Links:
Creative Commons (and Copyleft)
Trademark Basics
Trademark Definitions

Prepping Graphics for Web
File Sizes and Types | PPT | types DOC | sizes DOC | Videos
How to Save Files For Web | PPT
Tutorial: Web Graphics | PDF

Using a CMS
DOC: Using WordPress | DOC: Using Wix

Sample Student Work

Sample Student Resumes
Christen Miller (.pdf)
Leah Zukowsky (.pdf)
JackieLePage (.pdf)
Elizabeth Blount (.pdf)
Peter Iliopoulos (.pdf)
Connie Whitener (.pdf)
Melanie McGuffie (.pdf)
Nicole Siracusa (.pdf)
Wendy French (.pdf)

Sample Branding Proposals

Branding Proposals
D. Ciraolo, K. White
L. Higgins
C. Miller
S. Newson & S. Lewis
S. Long
A. Tonelli
E. Greco

Sample Flyers

Cuban Pete, D. Ciraolo, K. White
A. Coreat
Kiera and Vic
Big Guava, R. D'Ascianio, K. Parker, O. Segalman
B. Norton M. Jones
Beach Yoga, D. Bush and P. Perelman

Sample Magazine Covers & Ads
Requiring "Conceptual Elaboration"

Conceptual Elaboration Samples

Sample Newsletters
& Magazine Pages

[Coming Soon]

Career Resources

Resumes for Digital Arts Professions
How to Create a Resume for creative communications fields (PPT)
Types of Resumes (Use the "Combination resume that's "Targeted")

Sample Resumes
Allie Salomon (.pdf)
Christen Miller (.pdf)
Leah Zukowsky (.pdf)
Peter Iliopoulos (.pdf)
Connie Whitener (.pdf)

Where to Build Your Online Portfolio Easily
Wix.com is an easy content management system like WordPress, except it's much more visually oriented (cool templates) and has an easier drag-and-drop interface.

How to Design Your Online Portfolio

Portfolio Checklist (PPT)
Home Page Strategies (.pdf)
About Your "About" (PPT)
8 Tips for Building Your Online Portfolio (.pdf)

How to Get Your .com Address
Domains and Hosting | PPT | Video |DOC

Additional Inspiration
My Tips for Building Your Online Portfolio | DOC
"20 Do's and Don'ts of Effective Web Design"
"22 Beautiful Portfolio Sites to Inspire You"

Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation 
Six Tips To Clean Up Your Social Media Profile
How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation
How to Complain About Your Boss on Facebook and Not Get Fired

Using Social Media for Self-promotion
Minimally, you will need a full Linked-in profile with professional-looking headshot.
Using Social Media for Self-promotion (PPT)

Including a blog on your portfolio website can give you a strong advantage over competing job candidates--but only if the blogging is good. If it's not, it can just as powerfully disqualify you. Show prospective employers your capabilities in research, writing, and strategic thinking by using these techniques:

From www.copyblogger.com:
The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging
How to Write Headlines That Work
Simple Ways to Open a Blog with a Bang” 
Lesson: Blogging (PPT)
Lesson: Online Writing Tips (PPT)

Create a brand new Twitter account for your professional Twitter page (your personal Twitter page should be separate). Use these techniques for building your social media reputation:

Beginner’s Guide To Twitter,” Michael Hyatt
The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines,” Brian Clark
Lesson: Using Twitter (PPT)