Map and Directions

Campus Map | See Building #37 (Cass Annex, Rm. 120)


1. From Kennedy Blvd., turn North onto University Drive. You will see historical Plant Hall on your left (a byzantine-style building with Minarets).

2. Continue on University Drive. There will be a momentary arc around a small fountain in front of Plant Hall, and then the road will continue curving to the left around Plant Hall. Soon you will come upon a stop sign and see the Library on the right.

3. Turn right at that stop sign. The road will take you behind the library to the guard gate of a faculty parking lot. The guard gate is open after 4:00.

4. When you drive past the guard gate, you will see a module building on the far side of the parking lot (the North side). That is the Cass Building Annex, positioned in front of the Cass Building. Communication faculty offices are in that module.

5. Entering the front of the module, my office is the first one on the right (Cass Annex 120).

NOTE: The building is usually locked, but there is a phone outside for you to call my office so I can open the door for you. The minute I hear my phone ring, I open the door (if I know you're coming). It's a very quick process.

If you have any difficulty, my cell number is 727-418-8511.