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SPJ Code of Ethics
Case Study: Of Meth and Motherhood
Codes of Conduct from Around the World

Linear vs. Interactive

Case Study: State vs. Darryl Hunt
Contrast the linear news story below with
the interactive adaptation:

DNA Testing Frees N.C. Man After 18 Years in Prison
Dessert News, Salt Lake City, Dec. 25, 2003

Murder, Race, Justice: The State Vs. Darryl Hunt
Winston-Salem Journal

Basic Writng Forms
Pastor's Wife Indicted (News) Analysis
This is Your Brain Online (Feature Story)
Reducing Teen Driving Deaths (Editorial)
The Joy of Sucking (Columns)

Layout Examples
CNN (Hard News Focus)
CBS (Multiple Hooks)
ABC (Flash Slide Show)
New York Times (Newspaper Layout)


PoynterOnline: Article List

The 11 Layers of Citizen Journalism Steve Outing

"The New Amateur Journalists Weigh In"
by Matt Welch. Columbia Journalism Review.
Emerging Alternatives: Blogworld. Issue 5:
September/October 2003.

"The Significance of YourHub.com"
by Francis Miller. June 15, 2006.

"What Journalists Can Learn From Bloggers"
by Steve Outing. PoynterOnline.
December 20, 2004.

"What Bloggers Can Learn From Journalists"
by Steve Outing. PoynterOnline.
December 23, 2004.

Blog Examples
Buzzmachine.com Jeff Jarvis
Instapundit Glenn Reynolds