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Juliet's Grammar, Style & Language Handouts/Videos
Grammar Tips (.pdf | videos)
Style Tips (.pdf|videos) "Words to Avoid"
"Millennial Speak" (.pdf)
Visual Analysis Language Tips (.pdf | videos)
Juliet's Proofreading Marks (.pdf | video)

Slickwrite.com is free software that marks your writing style.

Juliet's Writing Help: Process and Content Development
Writintg Help (PPT | videos)
Grading Rubric (video)

Outside Resources
Using Outside Resources on My Assignments (videos)
How to Cite Outside Resources: OWL Lab: Purdue Online Writing Lab
The University of Tampa's Library
Automatic Bibliographies: www.bibme.com  or www.easybib.com

Common Grammar Errors: Tutorials
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Fragments, Comma Splices, Run-ons (video | text)
Pronoun Reference (YouTube)
Pronoun Agreement (YouTube)
Semicolon (video | text | YouTube)
Parallelism (YouTube)
Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers (video | text)
Commas (video | text)

Career & Job Search

Resumes for Digital Arts Professions
How to Create a Resume for creative communications fields (PPT)

Sample Resumes
Allie Salomon (.pdf)
Christen Miller (.pdf)
Leah Zukowsky (.pdf)
Peter Iliopoulos (.pdf)
Connie Whitener (.pdf)

Where to Build Your Online Portfolio Easily
Wix.com is an easy content management system like WordPress, except it's much more visually oriented (cool templates) and has an easier drag-and-drop interface.

How to Design Your Online Portfolio

Portfolio Checklist (PPT)
Home Page Strategies (.pdf)
About Your "About" (PPT)
8 Tips for Building Your Online Portfolio (.pdf)

Sample Student Portfolio Sites

Created with a CMS
Kellee Thomas
Tamara Joseph
Daniel Munoz
Leah Zukowsky
Erika Greco
Michelle Jensen
Lauren Smith
Jenai Cunningham
Christen Miller
Adrianna Tonelli
Luke Pacer
Kelsey Flail
Liz Frattalone
Christopher Butler
Carolina Donastorg
Connie Whitener
Alvaro Gabaldon
Kayla Maley

Created in Dreamweaver
Jaren Davis
Marisa Brasile

Dave Dellinger
Jessica Beaugez
Kasey Colucci
Johana Santiago
Kasey Colucci
T.J. Koziol
Jenna Angrandi
Jessical VanCuren
Sara Haun

Using Social Media in Your Job Search

Cleaning Up Your Online Reputation
Your first step is to clean up the social media you already have. These articles can help.
Note: Joshua Waldman is the author of A Student’s Guide to Surviving Facebook After College 

Six Tips To Clean Up Your Social Media Profile
How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation
How to Complain About Your Boss on Facebook and Not Get Fired

Using Social Media for Self-promotion
Minimally, you will need a full Linked-in profile with professional-looking headshot.
Using Social Media for Self-promotion (PPT)

Including a blog on your portfolio website can give you a strong advantage over competing job candidates--but only if the blogging is good. If it's not, it can just as powerfully disqualify you. Show prospective employers your capabilities in research, writing, and strategic thinking by using these techniques:

From www.copyblogger.com:
The 7 Deadly Sins of Blogging
How to Write Headlines That Work
Simple Ways to Open a Blog with a Bang” 
Lesson: Blogging (PPT)
Lesson: Online Writing Tips (PPT)

Create a brand new Twitter account for your professional Twitter page (your personal Twitter page should be separate). Use these techniques for building your social media reputation:

Beginner’s Guide To Twitter,” Michael Hyatt
The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines,” Brian Clark
Lesson: Using Twitter (PPT)

Publishing Resources

Publication Platforms for
Academic and Research Publishing

EndNote (not free)
Organize Your Bibliographies and Research

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