Flash / Animation

Dynamic Auto Presentation Systems

Dynamic Auto
Presentation Systems

The concept for this presentation system was to provide car dealers with a way to display their vehicles in attractice settings and backgrounds on the Web. This prototype was created in Flash to demonstrate the system. Client: The Logical Alternative

Light Speed Web Design

Light Speed Web Design
& Animation

This animated Flash site was used as a presentation to a book publisher proposing an introduction to basic skills in all of the web-design-related Adobe software (Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator).

Illustrator: Kerstin Upmeyer
Flash Artist: Juliet Davis





Banner Ads For HTE Government Software
Client: PeakBiety Branding + Advertising

The job was to create animated banner ads in Flash for this software company. The client provided the text and concept.


EMAT Promotional Flash Site:
Electronic Media Art & Technology Program

This Flash site was developed to promote the Electronic Media Art & Technology Program at The University of Tampa.


Vector Art

Vector Art /
Cartoon Animation

Many jobs require the creation of vector illustrations that are then imported into Flash and animated. Those animations then become part of a larger job such as banner ads, a web site, or co


Renaissance Walls

Renaissance Walls

This Flash site was created for a company that created interior wall finishings and murals.


Nautic Blue

Nautic Blue Power Yachts

While Nautic Blue's HTML web site was being created, the company requested that a splash animation be placed at the URL to announce that the site was coming soon and to offer a contact button.

Client: Ideas 'N Motion

This unique invention allows wheelchair-bound individuals more mobility by securing utilities such as umbrellas, trays, soda holders, etc., to the wheelchair itself, thereby freeing the user's hands for motion. The job was to create a Flash presentation for distributors to show how the product worked.

Dick Patterson

Dick Patterson

This Flash web site for DickPatterson.com portfolio site included all branding and design.


Martha Serpas

Martha Serpas

This web site for poet Martha Serpas included a different animated Flash banner on each page, utilizing the poet's photography of Louisiana's wetlands and photo documentation of pre- and post-Katrina.