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Release forms grant you permission to use the image and voice of a person, the image of a building, or a work under copyright as part of your own creative work (e.g., for a film, website, social media ad, podcast, video, book, etc.) under the conditions specified. These forms are typically used for commercial work, and they’re easy to use. There are exceptions when release forms are not needed. Here’s a comprehensive look at many kinds of release agreements.


Sample Forms Below


  • Before you shoot a film, photograph a model, or depict the outside of a house or building, ask for a signed release form. If you wait until after the job is done, the people involved may or may not like your work, so it’s wise to get the release signed ahead of time,
  • The forms I use are below and can be modified for your needs, but I am not a lawyer and am not responsible for your use of these forms. Feel free to Google “Model Release Form” (etc.) for more options. 
  • For children, you can have their parents sign for their minor (these forms indicate that).
  • If you want to shoot a film in city streets, you can request permission from a City to allow you to shoot on location.