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Plan & Register

Planning & Registering for Courses

  1. Download the Registration Planning Instructions and follow them.
  2. Watch for information from your advisor about how you will be cleared to register (your advisor is able to clear you).
  3. Find out your registration time by going to MyUTampa > Workday > Academics.
  4. Register for your courses using this Workday Registration Tutorial.You will first need to set up your authentification log in.

Petitions & Waivers

If you need a prerequisite waiver, course overload, independent study, internship, or other special requests, see petitions and waivers.

Graduation Planning & Application

Planning to graduate in the next semester? You will need to visit the UTampa webpage for graduating seniors and apply by the deadline.

Planning to graduate some time during the next year? See your advisor to check to make sure you’ll be ready to graduate on time and prepare registration accordingly. Consider using this Advising Audit Worksheet with your advisor to make sure you can graduate on time and plan remaining classes.

Let’s Do It!

Book Appointment

Book your appointment  with me at www.julietdavis.com for advising or class consultation. For advising appointments, remember to bring your registration planning worksheets filled out electronically.

Plan Your Registration

Use your registration planning worksheets, track your progress, and plan your schedule. The document includes information for how to register in Workday.